Dried White Mulberries New Crop 2019

New crop is almost there and we started offers for New Crop Dried White Mulberries. We are always giving priority for pre-orders and also price advantage for annual contracts.

As you may know, BATA FOOD is the largest producer of Dried White Mulberries, we process both Whole and Crumble types at our BRC certified factory in Izmir Free Trade Zone.


  • Sortex clean and X-Ray scanned
  • RAW – Unbleached – No Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Every batch tested via Intertek or Eurofins Germany to suit food safety criterias


  • Direct worldwide shipments from our factory in Izmir / Turkey
  • Customs cleared duty paid shipments in Europe
  • Call-off deliveries from our stocks in Turkey, Netherlands and Bahrain

If you have any inquiries, please let us know for an offer. You can also see a list of the products Ready in Stock or Afloat in Rotterdam at our website.


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